My enthusiasm for music and sound has been with me for as long as I can remember. Even today, I vividly remember the excitement when, as a child, I convinced my parents to buy me a cassette player, and thus I was able to record what I wanted. My enthusiasm for music very soon led me to want better and better sound reproductions; I was attracted to the whole process of making music, from playing instruments to singing, recording, and final reproduction.

This wish came true during my studies, when I started working as a sound engineer at Radio Študent, where I remained as a regular employee for nine years, first as a sound technician and later also as a deputy head of the technical services. During that time, I got an insight into all the tricks of recording techniques and production.

Later I worked for a few years as a sales engineer for professional audio and video technology at AVC Group, where I had the opportunity to use state-of-the-art studio equipment. Then the path led me into more technical spheres (IT), however I constantly stayed in close contact with the studio work.

I gained my hearing training as well as technical and musical knowledge in my almost thirty years of experience working in radio and recording studios with the state-of-the-art studio equipment.

All these experiences have directed my focus to mastering, which for me represents a creative process of sound design, with which I emphasize the emotional and technical side of the recording sound image.


Early morning, the air is filled with harmonious singing of blackbirds, welcoming a beautiful sunrise. The song of the blackbird is clear and distinct, easily overpowers the sound of the wind gently rocking the canopy…

In the evening just after sunset, the blackbird concludes the sunny day with its merry singing and prepares nature for a night’s rest.

I can easily compare the feeling I feel while working in my studio with the feelings I experience when my mornings and evenings are enriched by the blackbird’s singing – hence the name of the studio: BlackBird sound.